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RV Academy

"We want our employees to be engaged in their careers at Renal Ventures.  Through the many tools available in the RV Academy ™ program, staff at our clinics and offices keep their knowledge and skills state-of-the-art, always with the goal in mind of benefitting our patients." - Charles Coe, Director of Education

RV Academy ™ is a state-of-the-art education program for Renal Ventures' employees. It is designed to more effectively deliver high caliber training and resources. Supported by regional educators, RV Academy ™ uses the most contemporary techniques for teaching, including online learning management systems, laboratories for hands-on education, preceptorships, and one-on-one instruction.

Leadership Development
Renal Ventures believes in investing in employee education for both engagement and career development purposes.  Those who want to become leaders at RVM utilize three training opportunities.  First, the Emerging Leader program identifies and trains employees on career path essentials for either individual contributor or management readiness.  Next, once promoted to a management role, RVM uses Leadership Boot Camp to provide just-in-time management 101 training to help new managers orient quickly and effectively to the role.  Lastly, for experienced leaders in our organization, we offer RV Impact Leadership – a mini-MBA where participants engage in strategy, team development, company project initiatives among other opportunities and as part of readiness for senior leadership roles.

Charge Nurse Academy
Charge Nurse Orientation includes two days of training to orient new Charge Nurses to state regulations, managing staff, Renal Ventures protocols and documentation.

Clinic Support 

The RV Academy  offers clinical support for plans of correction.

New Hire Orientation (for both experienced and inexperienced clinical staff)
Experienced nurses and technicians attend a week of training to learn Renal Ventures policies and systems, and then a four-week training program with a preceptor to complete a workbook. Inexperienced nurses and technicians complete a 10-week training program that consists of a combination of room-based classes, online training and hands-on learning.

Patient Education
Patient Education includes educational materials on a variety of topics (located on the company intranet) such as managing salt, phosphorus control, modality options and catheter reduction.

Preceptor University
During this one-day course, participants learn the principles of adult learning and how to apply them in the work place.

Resource Manuals for Dietitians
Resource manuals introduce new Dietitians to Renal Ventures and our various systems.

Volume Management
This program introduces new practices designed to improve patients' quality of life. The focus is on volume management as one of the top quality outcomes.