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Our Quality

Our Quality

We have seen examples where, in the business of medicine, the drive toward profitability can sometimes conflict with the ability to provide the very best patient care. After an acquisition, doctors who once had full discretion in their practice are now subject to the constraints and demands of operational efficiency.

Renal Ventures has taken a decidedly different approach. In addition to a share of the ownership, our physician partners maintain full control over the quality of care. They are able to offload the laborious tasks associated with staffing and management, thus freeing their time for a greater focus on the patient. And thanks to the strength of our network, we can deliver cost efficiencies in everything from technology and supplies to employee benefits and administrative services.

Does our approach work? You bet it does. Renal Ventures enjoys the highest outcome measurements of any of the national or regional dialysis providers, proving that financial growth and quality of care are not mutually exclusive. Physician partners have complete and daily access to the Chief Medical Officer and the Medical Council to develop protocols, enhance patient care and to find insights and resources not available in larger organizations.

Our Quality Programs

Renal Ventures' quality programs are focused on more than measuring a few numbers, attaining expected clinical performance measures, or seeing how we 'stack up' against other providers. We are completely rewriting the standard of renal patient care through a series of innovative programs – throughout all aspects of the renal care process – that effectively deliver superior quality and outcomes.