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RVM managers learn leadership skills, attention to detail at New Leaders Boot Camp

RVM managers learn leadership skills, attention to detail at New Leaders Boot Camp

November 21, 2014 at 11:01 AM

What do you think of when you hear "boot camp?"  Push-ups?  Camouflage?  A drill sergeant yelling in your face?  This boot camp isn't that harsh, but the RV Leadership Boot Camp will push your mind and drill knowledge about RVM's operations into your brain.  Happening this week (November 17 - 21), the class of 15 participants came together for some education, food, and leadership training.

Held quarterly for anybody in a leadership role across RVM companies, the boot camp combines a traditional orientation with leadership skills education, seeking to improve what employees already do well and bolster what has room for growth.  What started initially as a clinic orientation, Director of Education Charles Coe has morphed it into a comprehensive class of two different sessions of training in team dynamics, leadership and company operational knowledge.

Boot-Camp-Nov-2014_23-story-01.jpg"We had people coming into new roles who didn't know how to affect team dynamics or what their role is in team dynamics.  We teach them how people view them as a leader and how to move into that role," said Coe.

The first week of class covers topics ranging from RVnet, departmental functions, interview best practices, to team-building activities during the day and into the evening.  For one activity, class participants use their skills at following specific directions in a friendly competition of flying balsam wood airplanes.  Shinto Mathew was able to fly his the farthest in the competition launching them from the second floor in the home office.  An activity the next day had them divided into three groups where they could only use some senses, but not all, to communicate a task to others. 

Boot-Camp-Nov-2014_23-story-03.jpg"We keep them in teams and do team-related activities, such as bowling.  We debrief the next morning and ask them what they saw within the team that was important and what gleaned learn from the experience.  Education is all about stretching somebody's mind to make them see things totally differently," said Coe about the dynamic of the class.

At the end of this informative first week, each attendee makes a plan with three items they plan to implement over the next six months, with monthly checkpoints.  Then, six months later, the class reunites for a follow-up class where they receive feedback and discuss how the implementation of their plan went.

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