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Life Tree Hopes to Grow Patients' Treatment Sessions

Life Tree Hopes to Grow Patients' Treatment Sessions

November 13, 2014 at 9:54 AM

Administrative Assistant Amalia Fuselier and Clinic Coordinator Wanda Travis noticed a problem.  There was a trend where their patients at the Beaumont clinic would miss treatments or cut their treatments short and not finish a full session.  Brainstorming ideas for how they could show the effects of this visually, they came up with the metaphor of a tree.

Beaumont---Life-Tree_story.jpgDubbed the "Life Tree," the tree in the lobby has greener leaves at the top representing the patients who fully complete a session.  The middle part of the tree has leaves starting to yellow with a sign indicating that patients who cut their treatments short by 10 or 20 minutes are cutting their life short.  Near the bottom of the tree are the redder Fall leaves showing how a patient who cuts each treatment by 30 minutes is effectively shortening their own life span.

The "Life Tree" has been a success and they pair the visual metaphor with handouts, fruit snacks and a drawing to pick a prize from their prize basket. 

"We are trying to change the culture of missing treatments or signing off early on a regular basis," said Travis.

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