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12 days of dialysis gifts

12 days of dialysis gifts

December 11, 2014 at 8:59 AM

Giving gifts this holiday season is hard.  What to get that person in your life who is on dialysis can cause angst, however we're here to help.  Our elves have been busy putting together a dialysis patient gift guide on Pinterest showcasing the perfect items for that special someone in your life who Santa agrees has been nice.  View our Pinterest board at the bottom of the page for a list of handpicked items to put under the tree and in his or her stocking.

Give the gift of...

1. Comfort

Dialysis patients spend many hours in treatment every week. Being comfortable can make a difference not only in their mood but also in their health. Try giving a lumbar pillow or a new recliner for at-home treatments. A bedside table that is the height of their mattress makes a great gift for people on nightly PD treatments.

2. Home Health
An at-home blood pressure monitor is helpful for patients to keep tabs on the systolic and diastolic.

3. Safety
You never know when a natural disaster can strike. Giving a transistor radio, wind-up flashlight, and first aid kit is a great way to know your loved one will be prepared. As a bonus, help them pack a three-day emergency food kit.

4. Flavor

A spice rack filled with things like paprika, garlic powder, and lemon pepper can add zest to their low sodium diet. An herb garden is a convenient way to keep fresh herbs on hand, which can elevate any kidney-friendly meal.

5. Motivation

Staying active is important in anyone’s health. Give a pedometer or activity tracker to give them goals and the motivation to keep moving. 

6. On-the-go

Staying on a kidney-friendly diet can be challenging. A colorful, insulated lunch bag can brighten up those meals patients pack for work or school. A designated tote bag for home dialysis supplies or media to keep them entertained in the chair can make for easier packing when you head out the door.

7. Functional fashion

Having easy access to ports can make a day of treatment much easier. Giving specially designed clothes for dialysis can keep your loved one warm, fashionable, and relaxed.

8. Entertainment

Long hours in the dialysis chair aren’t as bad with music or movies. Electronics like iPods, tablets, and DVD players can provide hours of entertainment. No one likes uncomfortable head phones, so make sure they can enjoy their TV show binge watching with a lightweight pair. If they already own these, you can always buy an iTunes gift card, Netflix subscription, or some audiobooks.

9. Warmth

Care centers can feel cold at times due to air conditioning or having their skin exposed for long periods of time. For many patients, a blanket is a must have - the softer the better. Gloves, socks, and scarves will also keep your loved one toasty.

10. Humor

Sometimes you just need a funny dialysis shirt.

11. Perfect Portions

You can make staying on their diet easier by giving the proper tools. A food scale, measuring cups, and food journal are a great combo to track portion size and eat healthy.

12. Culinary Creations

Being on dialysis doesn’t mean your friend or family member doesn’t want to eat delicious meals! There are many dialysis cookbooks with tasty options, including our own! A slow cooker can add convenience to meal planning while a hot air popcorn maker can make the perfect bedtime snack. Give ice pop molds since they are a great way for patients to make a treat while maintaining fluid intake.  


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